OC Club

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OC Club

2021 OC Club Season runs May 22 - October 15, 2021

The best and most affordable small-boat rental opportunity in the GTA!

Alkame's fleet of rentals now includes:

  • 9 x Single Outrigger Canoes
  • 3 x Double Outrigger Canoes
  • 4 x Single Leisure Kayaks
  • 1 x Double Leisure Kayak
  • 2 x Stand-Up Paddle Boards

We are open 7-days with flexible scheduling!

Want to know the difference between our outriggers?
Check out the OC Guide.

Never rented from us before? Check out our Orientation Video:

Outrigger Canoe Rentals


Equipment Rental (includes boat, paddle & PFD)
All equipment rentals are booked in advance, using our online scheduling system, in 90-minute increments (including put-in and take-out time)

Non-Primetime Unlimited Membership: $250.00 (incl, HST)

Primetime Unlimited Membership: $315.00 (incl.HST) 

Single-Use Rental: $30.00 (incl.HST)

Outrigger Canoe, On-Water Orientation: $50.00 (incl.HST)

How it Works:

  1. Register for your rental package online here
    (you will select your date and timeslot after you confirm your payment)
  2. Receive your confirmation via email
  3. Follow the schedule link on your confirmation to book your boat and time slot
  4. Go Paddle!

* Please note: The OC Club is a self-serve rental service and we do not employ staff during all hours. While a safety boat may or may not be on the water, you are responsible for your safety at all times.

** Please click here to view our COVID Safety Protocols

Kayak/SUP Rentals

Interested in booking a kayak or SUP rental with us? Visit our other page at kayakpickering.ca


591 Liverpool Road, Frenchman's Bay Marina
Pickering, Ontario

** Our rental fleet in located within the Marina compound on the EAST side of Liverpool Road. Our launch dock is located on the WEST side of Liverpool Road.