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Alkame Paddle Zone

Paddle Zone is back in business!

An outstanding full service, year-round paddle training centre.

At 2800 square feet of gym space, Paddle Zone features 10 KayakPro D1 Ergometres, full weight training facilities,and outstanding coaches and personal trainers.

Paddle Zone offers multiple different rates for drop-ins, monthly passes, and team workouts. We also offer full facility rentals for those looking to develop their own programming within a dynamic space.

General Membership Fees:

Online booking is no longer required; however, Members are only permitted to use the facilities when Team Training is not taking place. To VIEW the current booking schedule, please visit the facility schedule, found here.

Membership Type Flat Rate (Incl. Tax)
Single Day Drop-In $15.00
1-Month Membership $65.00
6-Month Membership $330.00
1-Year Membership $540.00

General Membership includes full use of the paddle and fitness facilities, as well as access to small group workouts, when the facility is not otherwise booked for Team Training. Taxes and fees included.

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Paddle Zone – Team Training

Team Training Number of Practices Fee (tax excl.)
Paddle & Fitness 1 -20 $220.00/practice
Paddle & Fitness 21 – 40 $180.00/practice
Paddle & Fitness 41+ $160.00/practice

Team bookings offer exclusive use of the entire facility including the paddle room, all weight training equipment, and cardio room. Each session is 90-minutes, including entry and exit times.

Paddle Zone – Paddle Erg Coaching

Alkame Paddle Zone can provide coaching to individuals, small groups and full teams. We are proud to be the home of some of the best coaches in Canada, including:

Type of Session Length Cost
Individual 1 hour $50/session
Individual x 5 1 hour $200.00 total
Small Group (3-4) 1 hour $25/athlete
Full Team (10+) 1 hour $100/session
** Does not include the facility fee.

For any other specialized groups or inquiries, please email:

Personal Training

Paddle Zone is excited to welcome Glenda Costa into our facility as our new in-house personal trainer!

Glenda Costa is a FIT CHICKS® Fitness & Nutrition Expert helping people in their ‘pursuit of wellness’.  

As a hockey player and former international fitness competitor, Glenda understands the need for a balance of strength training, endurance, flexibility, nutrition and overall well-being to achieve your best athletic performance.   With her energetic and realistic approach, she’s here to set you up with a personalized program to help you achieve your desired results. She has the passion and experience to meet you where you are in your journey and help you set your long- term goal, including short term wins to celebrate along the way.

She lives by the philosophy that wellness is a lifelong journey and not a destination.  So, once you near the big goal it is merely time to set a new one!  

You deserve to live your best life!!  Put some POW into your life and learn to fall in love with the ‘Pursuit of Wellness’.

Rates: $60.00/session or $500.00 for 10 sessions

To book a consultation or to schedule your sessions, please email

Glenda Costa